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Some of the Numbers I've owned

+720% revenue from SEO

From 2.5K to 20K daily organic traffic. In 10 months. For an online pharmacy

+560% visitors from SEO

In 4 months. For a Telecommunications Provider in South Africa.

+350% visitors from SEO

In 7 months. For an Energy Provider

Optimized Crawl Budget Allocation

In 5 months. For a directory site with 300k monthly traffic.

Truth be told..
Most websites are structured inefficiently for SEO.

There are million reasons why most websites’ structures are designed to fail in search engines but to sum up:  they try to rank only for the most competitive and commercial keywords in the market. 

Even worse, I keep seeing, many websites, have the majority of backlinks at the homepage [OMG] 😓.  Over time, SEO strategy fails or goes very sloooow..

Many people, don’t know the 2 golden rules of SEO:

1. Focus on a specific # of pages, instead of the entire site. It will save you time (& money ) – a LOT.

2. Clustering! Instead of trying to rank first for the most competitive keywords (eg. “buy shoes”), start your SEO effort, by targeting the long-tail versions. (eg. “best shoes for running” , “best shoes for walking” , “buy shoes online uk” , “how to choose shoes size”, “how to choose shoes for an outfit” etc.) 

Organic Growth Consultant

Hi, I'm Anna!

“I help eCommerce stores and SMBs nail their User Acquisition and convert attention into revenue through proven traffic strategies.”

Anna Moragli is an Organic Growth Consultant. 

She works with companies around the world, helping them implement cutting-edge SEO processes, from link building strategies to site structure and technical setup.

Anna has experience in ranking content for some of the most competitive keywords in the world.

She has created a sustainable system that drives consistent growth online for eCommerce businesses and SMBs and drives tidal waves of organic traffic.

Using this method, Anna scaled one of her eCommerce clients from €20,000 per day to € 50,000 per day in revenue, in just 9 months. And this is not the exception to the kind of results her clients have learned to expect from her.

She was the Head of SEO in GrowthRocks, an international growth marketing agency. Anna revamped the entire SEO service, which lead to achieve 10+ successful cases.

She has also hosted Marketing workshops and training programs like Growth Hacking Academy , Content Marketing Academy and co-founded  SEO Academy, having trained 100+ individuals in the last 3 years.

Some of the great companies I’ve worked with: Nestlé, Elle, GE Healthcare, 11888, Xrysos Odigos – Greek Yellow Pages, Septona, Gregorys, Volton,

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