4 actionable ways to use search console

If you want to get the most out of the new Search Console, you’ll love this 4 mini action steps💡, that you can use to get higher rankings.

Improve rankings for underperforming keywords

So let’s say the keyword in question has a monthly search volume of 1,000.

Ranking in position 8 gets you 18 visits from organic search per month, compared to 160 for position two.

That’s 8x more traffic just by jumping a few positions.

To find these underperforming keywords in Google Search Console, go to the “Search Results” report and toggle the average CTR and position data.

Optimise pages with high keyword rankings, but low CTR

Find the pages that perform worse than average, analyze why that’s the case, then see if there’s a way to boost their CTR to get more traffic.

To do this, head to the “Search results” report, toggle the average CTR and position data, then filter for keywords with average rankings below 3.1. These are the keywords for which you already rank in the top 3.

Sort the report by CTR and then look for keywords with lots of impressions but lower-than-average CTR.

Find pages that need more internal links

Why do we need internal links?
– They may help your new page get indexed faster.
– They will transfer PageRank to the new page, which may help it rank higher in the search results.

To find pages with few internal links, go to the Links report in Search Console. Click “More” under the “Top linked pages” report under the “Internal links” subheader.

Sort the list by “Internal links” to see “forgotten” pages.

If you find pages with few internal links that are worth keeping, then it would make sense to either:
– Add more relevant internal links to them;
– Update the content and add more internal links where appropriate.


Update pages that are losing organic traffic

Most pages won’t continue to get organic traffic forever because rankings tend to drop as they become outdated.

Go to the “Search results” report, then add a date range comparison to see stats for the past six months compared to the previous six months.

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