[2020] Optimizing for Voice Search

Voice Search Optimization is all about acquiring featured snippets & knowledge graph.
Also, voice search optimization is about 2 types of keywords:
– Long-tail keywords (mostly questions)
– Local keywords ( eg. “starbucks near me”)

Ξ€he process

1. Find queries (queries = keywords), where you are currently ranking in the top 10.
2. Identify questions realted to that query.
3. Choose how to structure your answer (paragraph, list).
4. Provide a straightforward answer that adds value.
5. Implement voice schema for questions (speakable schema markup).
6. Create backlinks for your site on directories / listing sites.
7. If you target local keywords (eg. starbucks near me) , make sure your content is location-optimized (proper on-page fixes).
8. Compete for featured snippets / knowledge graph box

Tip: use specific phrases (ngrams) in your content (phrases that voice searchers do)

eg. add, am I, best, buy, find, hour, looking, can I, do, near me, remind me, what, what is, when, where, which, who, who has, who sells, why.

But.. Be aware, of the following:

Reporting is a bit difficult.
You can’t guarantee any results! Voice Search is mostly depended on acquiring and keeping the feature snippets/ knowledge graphs you took, which is the one thing you can’t actually promise to anyone..
It’s not a strategy that you can rely on (for long-term results), because even the voice searchers themselves are not “perfect” yet.
Before you optimize for voice search, make sure you already have rankings for the keywords you want to target.

No Rankings = No Featured Snippets = No Traffic from Voice Search

However, voice search optimization is a cool experiment that you should try.
The easy way to do it: (Using an FAQ page)
1. Perform Κeyword Research and:
identify questions or
find keywords that you are ranking for and create questions( you can use or
use frequently asked questions from your clients- as keywords.
(Remember: Long-tail keywords are very easy to rank for..)
2. Create/ Update the FAQ page of your site and use these keywords.
3. Add voice schema for questions and schema for FAQ.
4. Build backlinks on local directories/listings for your FAQ page

Convert a "boring" FAQ page to an interesting one

Convert the “boring” FAQ page to interactive page, that visitors can ask their question and an expert will provide them the answer.

1st section of the page: a form, (visitors submit their questions
Rest of the page will be devoted to the Q&A part with the most frequently asked questions
You can also publish the submitted questions and their answers (after review them).
This page will work as an FAQ page and at the same time will be optimized for voice search.

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